You’re So Fucked – Eva Long and Sablique Von Lux


You’re So Fucked starring Eva Long and Sablique Von Lux
You’re really in trouble. You foolishly let two hot chicks into your home because you thought they needed help. But now you’re bound on the floor and they’re in control. They just ransacked the house and are turning their attention to you. They stick their boots in your face while they taunt and humiliate you. Sablique pulls off her boots and sticks her sweaty socked feet in your face. The girls threaten you and cruelly discuss your fate. Sablique removes her socks and Eva pulls the boots off her bare feet and soon all 4 of their smelly bare feet are in your face. They decide to leave you there bound but they take a minute to step on you before walking out of the room. 14 minutes. Scene #FTMI0095
 MP4  1920×1080

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