You’re Not Going Anywhere – Ava Sinclaire


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You’re Not Going Anywhere starring Ava Sinclaire

Ava is a tiny, cute, hot girl who’s also a very good sleepy actress.  In sexy underwear, she stands in her bedroom talking on the phone while burly intruder Victor sneaks up on her.  He clasps a chloroform soaked cloth over her face. She fights hard, kicking her legs up in the air. But then the drug takes effect and she passes out. Victor picks her up and carries her to the bed where he fondles her and plays with her limp body.  When Ava awakens, the villain puts the cloth in a plastic mask and hold it over Ava’s face.  He torments her by applying it and then pulling it away. Finally, he holds it there until she unconscious. He removes her bra, exposing her large beautiful tits, and gropes her some more.  When Ava awakens again, she staggers out of the room. But Victor is close behind and he chloroforms her again before dragging her back into the bedroom.  5 minutes of outtakes are included.  They’re not just bloopers…there is unused footage as well as alternate edits of the chloroformings.  20 minutes. Scene #KOB0767

HD MP4 – 1920×1080 – 841MB

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