Your Seductive Prisoner – Eva Long



Your Seductive Prisoner starring Eva Long
Eva looks incredible and seductively pleads for release in these 4 short bondage scenes. In a hot mini-skirt, white blouse and heels, Eva is bound at the elbows with a strap. A rope from the ceiling pulls her elbows up. Eva refuses to give you the information you want and is defiant…but she also tries to use her charms to get you to untie her, teasing you and pleading for mercy. You pull on the strap around her elbows, making her scream in pain. You slap her across the face several times and use a riding crop to torment her. Next, in just her bra and panties, Eva is bound to a chair. She continues her defiance and won’t give the information you want. She teases you with her sexy eyes. But you intimidate her some more with the crop and grope her tits . Then, Eva is bound, standing with hands over her head. She continues to plead and defy you. You use the crop on her and slap her face again. Then, Eva, in just panties, is tied to a table. She pleads for release and talks to you seductively. You grope her tits and body and slap her again. This is a really hot clip! 24 minutes. Scene #BG0826

MP4 1920×1080

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