You Want Me to Use This On You? – Agatha Delicious and Lexie Fux



You Want Me To Use This On You? starring Agatha Delicious and Lexie Fux
The girls will make you go limp in our first POV sleepy clip! Your roommates have found a bottle of chloroform in your room. They know you want them to use it on you so Agatha soaks a cloth and pushes it up to your face. The girls taunt you and laugh as they take turns applying the cloth to your face over and over. Sometimes they hold it there so long that your vision goes blurry and you start to pass out. At one point, they take a break from tormenting you and apply the cloth to their own faces briefly. When they see how interested you are in their bare feet, they hold the cloth with their toes and shove it in your face. Finally, Agatha finishes you off, holding the cloth to your face until everything goes black. 12 minutes. Scene #KOB0706 1920×1080 MP4

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