You Picked Up The Wrong Girls – Bella Carrera, Jade Nile


You Picked Up the Wrong Girls starring Bella Carrera and Jade Nile
You’ve made a huge mistake and you’re paying for it. You picked up 2 girls who needed a ride. They decided to rob you and now you’re lying on the floor, tied up. Your captors come in and immediately begin taunting you. They stick their boots in your face while they cruelly discuss what they will do with you. They take off their boots and stick their smelly socked feet in your face while you endure more verbal torment. Finally the socks come off and their bare feet are in your face. They gag you with their dirty socks and leave you there helpless, stopping to step on your face one last time on their way out. A hot POV clip! 13 minutes. Scene #FTMI0101
1920 x 1080 MP4

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