You Ask Too Many Questions – Lola Anderson and Jolene Hexx




You Ask Too Many Questions starring Lola Anderson and Jolene Hexx
Inquisitive reporter Lola is held captive by evil Jolene in this hot damsel clip! Lola interviews businesswoman Jolene. When her questions about missing girls get a little too probing, Jolene uses a cloth to knock Lola out. Lola awakens tied to a chair.  Jolene gags her and torments her, groping her tits and tying a rope around her neck. Later, she knocks Lola out again. Lola awakens bound spread out on a bed, a cloth pulled between her teeth. Jolene gropes and taunts her, telling her she’ll be sold as a sex slave. In Clip 2, Lola is bound and ballgagged and Jolene auctions her off online. She gropes and humiliates her victim while customers bid on her. Left alone, Lola gets free and knocks Jolene out with a cloth! Jolene awakens tied up. Lola gags her and gets some revenge, groping and taunting Jolene.  She even handgags her over the cloth gag.  When the buyer arrives, Lola convinces him that Jolene is his new slave! The KO Edit Clip contains only the knock out and wake up scenes. Scene #BG0844

HD MP4 – 1920×1080
Clip 1 – 22:00 –  HD 865MB
Clip 2 – 18:00 –  HD 737MB
KO Edit – 9:00 HD  389MB

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