You Are My Slave – Cory Lane


You are My Slave starring Cory Lane
Cory Lane has always been one of the finest bondage actresses around, but she really outdoes herself in this extraordinary dramatic scene. Blonde bombshell Cory is hard at work when Frank the janitor asks her out. She tries to break it to him easy that she is not interested, but he cant take a hint. After Cory rejects him outright, the janitor gets vindictive. He grabs her and ties her up on the table, gagging her first with a lemon and later with a wadded cloth and clear packing tape. He lifts her shirt to reveal her purple bra and amazing cleavage. Then he pulls off her skirt, throws her over his shoulder and carries her away. Then, Cory is in just her panties. Frank gags her with a rubber ball and ties her to a post in his garage. After leaving her to whimper in fear for a while, he comes back with a leash and collar and drags her inside. Then he ties her standing with her hands tied to the ceiling. She moans and whimpers for a while until Frank comes back to move her to his bedroom. Later, Cory is hogtied on the bed. She pleads for release but Frank gags her with a red cloth. Left alone, Cory removes her shoes and hops through the house to a phone. But Frank catches her and is pissed. Then, Cory is tied to a chair with a large bit-gag in her mouth. Frank leaves her there to moan and groan and wonder if he will ever let her go. The outtakes are extremely entertaining, with lots of shots of Cory being bound and having fun behind the scenes. Scene #BG0286 52 minutes. MP4 640×480

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