You Are Mine Forever – Sinn Sage


You Are Mine Forever starring Sinn Sage
Many years ago, in “Unconscious Dress-Up,” Sinn was abducted by a madman who used her to fulfill his fantasies of female unconsciousness. To this day, the beauty is still haunted by the experience. This scene begins where the previous scene left off, and is seen as a flashback as Sinn tells her story to psychiatrist Loren Chance. Sinn describes the horror of being stalked and knocked out with chloroform. Then the flashback begins. Sinn is naked, unconscious, bound and gagged on the bed when psycho Steve enters and loosens her bondage so that she can free herself (and he can stalk her again!). Sinn wakes up and frees herself. She finds a sexy schoolgirl outfit, puts it on and tries to sneak out. Unfortunately, she only makes it to the kitchen before Steve finds her and clasps a chloroform soaked cloth over her face. Sinn struggles to escape his clutches, but Steve is strong and the drug makes her weaker and weaker until she can fight no more. Her eyes flutter and grow heavy until finally she goes unconscious. Steve drags her into the living room and rests her against the fireplace so he can have some fun with her. First, he lifts and drops her limp arms and legs. He unbuttons her blouse, using her own lifeless hand, to expose her cute little tits, then drags her over to the couch where he proceeds to talk to her as if they are a couple. Manipulating her hand, Steve makes Sinn rub her tits under her shirt. Then, he slowly undresses her. Steve leaves the naked Sinn alone for a minute while he retrieves a slinky purple nightie. He returns, takes off her glasses and dresses her, like a doll, in the nightie. He rocks Sinn’s unconscious head back and forth, then plays with her limp arms and legs. In a few shots, you can see her pussy under the nightie. Eventually, Sinn starts to slowly regain consciousness. Still too weak to get up and run for her life, she whimpers in fear. Steve lunges at her with a chloroform soaked cloth and holds it over her mouth and nose long enough to make her breathe in some fumes, but not long enough to knock her out. Then, he tells her to make a run for it. She tries, but is very disoriented. Sinn makes her way into to the bathroom, where she finds herself cornered on the sink. Steve chloroforms her despite her pleading and fighting. She puts up a good struggle, but before too long her eyes start fluttering and she passes out. Steve drags her over to the couch where he strips her out of the nightie. Sinn wakes up naked and humiliated. Steve shows up with a bra and some skimpy cycling shorts. He tells her that if she does not put them on, he will knock her out again. Sinn holds her aching head as she begs Steve to let her go. He tells her to attempt an escape, but she refuses. Frustrated, Steve decides to chloroform her right there. He holds the drugged cloth over her face, his free hand holding her steady, until the drug takes effect and she passes out. He then sits her on the couch, seats himself in a chair across from her, and starts drinking his nightcap. As he gets drunk by himself, Steve talks to Sinn as if she is awake, telling her about the art films he rented for their cozy night in. Lucky for her, he falls asleep from the stiff drink. She wakes up, gets dressed and finally escapes out the back door. In the present day, Sinn finishes telling her story to psychiatrist Loren. When Loren doesn’t respond, Sinn turns to see her worst nightmare come true — Steve has found her! The scene comes to a shocking and thrilling conclusion. Outtakes include multiple alternate takes of Sinn getting chloroformed and some goofing around behind the scenes plus an alternate ending which was too silly to use but is worth seeing. Scene #KOB0267
41 minutes. The outtakes are 5 minutes. The photo set has 182 photos. MP4 640×480

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