Why Are you Tying Me Up? – Star Nine, Jolene Hexx


Why Are You Tying Me Up? starring Star Nine and Jolene Hexx
Star finds herself in a terrifying situation. Jolene has kidnapped her and won’t tell her why! Despite Star’s pleading, Jolene ties her up. Star begs not to be gagged but Jolene stuffs a rag in her mouth and ties a shiny cloth over it. Left alone, Star struggles but can not get free. She hops to the bed and squirms around some more. Jolene returns and hogties Star on the bed. Later, Star is untied and pleads with jolene again. Jolene strips her down to her pantyhose and ties her up. She gags her pleading victim and puts her in a closet. She even ties a rope around Star’s neck and explains that she has to stay still and standing or the rope will tighten! Jolene cruelly closes Star in the closet and leaves her there. 16 minutes. Scene #BG0800

MP4 1920×1080

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