Who Knocked Us Out? – Carissa Montgomery and Star Nine


Who Knocked Us Out? starring Carissa Montgomery and Star Nine
Star asks roommate Carissa for a loan so she can pay her tuition. Carissa refuses to sell her coin collection and Star walks away disappointed. Later, evil villain Tim spies on Carissa and soaks a cloth with chloroform. He attacks Carissa and knocks her out cold. As she is passing out, Tim gropes her tits. He picks her up in his arms briefly and places her on the couch where he fondles her luscious body and tits. When Star approaches, Tim hides. Star tries to wake Carissa up and is grabbed from behind by Tim. She struggles hard but the drug takes effect, her eyes roll and, with Tim groping her tits, she passes out in his arms. Her body goes totally limp but Tim manages to get Star onto the couch where he gropes her gorgeous body. The girls are stripped naked and left there while Tim goes to find the coins. The girls awaken and Carissa thinks that Star knocked her out! She grabs the chloroform cloth and clasps it over Star’s face. She pushes Star to the couch and knocks her out. But, Tim returns and attacks Carissa from the front, knocking her out with chloroform. He places the girls in a suggestive pose and leaves with the coins. A few minutes of great outtakes conclude the scene. Scene #KOB525 21 minutes. The photo set contains 85 photos. MP4 1280×640

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