White Slave Detective – Stacy, Darby, Nina, Andrea


White Slave Detective starring Stacy Burke, Nina Neon, Darby, Andrea Neal and Sabrina Stone
Stacy Burke is a hot-shot detective hottie out to bust a white slavery ring. In clip 1, four recently kidnapped girls – Nina, Sabrina, Andrea and Darby – are loaded into a van with their wrists bound behind them and fat white cleave gags in their mouths. The gags hardly muffle their plaintive, pleading cries as the girls panic and struggle to escape. A cruel thug, Dick, drives them to his lair of captivity. Later on, detective Stacy shows up, posing undercover as she applies for a job as an International Hostess. Before she can get any information or leads, she is chloroformed by the dastardly Dick Darkly. She fights him hard, but cannot escape. Once she is totally unconscious, Dick pulls up her shirt and fondles her hot, stacked body. Meanwhile, the four kidnapped girls are bound, gagged, and stuffed into a large wooden crate which will be shipped to foreign slavers. In clip 2, Stacy regains consciousness to find herself tightly bound and blindfolded. Squirming next to her is Darby, also tied, gagged, and blindfolded. Dick enters the room to cram a fat wad of stuffing in Stacys mouth and explain the situation. The girls are left alone to struggle futilely and try to untie each others ropes. Next, the girls are bound with a strange combination of leather cuffs and duct tape, wearing only their panties and big red ball gags. They continue their useless struggling until Dick returns to molest their vulnerable, naked flesh. He gropes Stacys tasty tan tits and Darbys creamy white tits. In clip 3, Stacy is put in a very dangerous position, she is tied standing on a chair with a noose around her neck. She has a bandana gag in her mouth and her legs are lashed together. Dick informs her that she will be left standing their until she passes out from exhaustion, thus hanging herself. In another room, Darby is tied kneeling and gagged with duct tape. She struggles heroically until Dick enters to molest her luscious body some more. In clip 4, Nina, Sabrina and Andrea wait to be delivered to their new owners. They are tied to kitchen chairs, wearing only panties, stockings, and big juicy ball gags. They struggle hard but are helpless to get themselves or each other free. Back at Dicks lair, Stacy finally succumbs to exhaustion. Just when she is about to choke to death, Dick saves her. But not really…he just needs to preserve her for an elaborate cover-up plan, where she will be blown up with all the slave ring evidence. In clip 5, Stacy is bound very tightly with shiny red tape with the bomb sitting right next to her. Her captor torments and fondles her one last time, then activates the timer. Miraculously, Stacy escapes with a few slim seconds to spare. In clip 6, Darby is in the back of the van, being taken to a new slave compound. She whimpers and moans into her fat blue cleave gag and struggles meekly against her ropes. Stacy manages to find the new headquarters and attempts to save Darby, but she is captured, stripped, and bound once again. The girls struggle in the back of the van, then struggle in a large wooden crate. Despite their energetic efforts, they cannot get free. The scene ends with them sealed tightly inside their shipping container. Scene #BG0194

MP4 640×480. Clip 1 is 17.5 minutes, clip 2 is 17 minutes, clip 3 is 14 minutes, clip 4 is 10 minutes, clip 5 is 10 minutes, and clip 6 is 14 minutes. The photo set contains 96 photos.

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