Welcome to the Jungle – Loren Chance


Welcome to the Jungle starring Loren Chance
Naive hitchhiker Loren has gotten herself into a dire situation. Instead of getting a ride, she gets kidnapped and bound in the filthy basement of some sadistic creep.┬áLoren, in tight jeans and a sexy t-shirt, is lashed to a pole, with her elbows brutally bound together and a huge chunk of black rubber stuffed in her whimpering mouth. She has been tied on her knees all night, and her cruel captor comes in to put her in another painful position. He binds her chest and then whips her hard with a riding crop, ridiculing her behavior and telling her she deserves whatever horrible things he has in store for her. He gropes her luscious tits and pushes the huge gag further into her drooling mouth, then crops her tender flesh some more. Then, the twisted bastard has dressed Loren up in sexy clothes – a tight white blouse exposing her bulging cleavage, a short black skirt, black hose, and shiny black heels. She is bound in a chair and gagged with a bandage. He ferociously crops her thighs, then opens her shirt to grope her luscious tits. He blindfolds her then whips and gropes her some more before putting a noose around her neck. He lets her struggle, completely terrified and violated, and then he chloroforms her. This scene, directed by Jack Banner, is darkly exciting and creepy – excellent, convincing performances all around. Scene #BG0164
27 minutes. MP4 640×480

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