We Found This Bottle in Your Room – Rosalyn Sphinx, Jolene Hexx



We Found This Bottle in Your Room starring Rosalyn Sphinx and Jolene Hexx
The girls are cute, sexy and a little mean in this hot POV sleep clip. You come home to find your roommates looking at a bottle and some cloth. They say they found it in your room and are worried that you might plan to use it on them. When their fears are calmed, they realize they’re intrigued by the liquid and want to use it. They soak the cloth and breathe it in. Their eyes roll. They want to use it on you so they soak the cloth and apply it to your face. You try to stay awake but everything goes dark. When you wake up, the girls want to play some more. They take turns using the cloth on themselves and on each other. Breathing in just enough to enjoy it without going limp. Jolene holds the cloth in Rosalyn’s face for a while and the tiny brunette goes limp. Jolene fondles and manipulates Rosalyn’s limp body while you watch. Then she uses the cloth on you until you go out. You awaken to find Rosalyn in just her panties, still limp, being fondled by Jolene. Rosalyn awakens and the girls use the cloth to slowly put you to sleep. 17 minutes. Scene #KOB0718

HD MP4 1920×1080 733MB

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