Watch Us Go Limp – Ashley Lane and Summer Day



Watch Us Go Limp – Ashley Lane and Summer Day
Two sexy college girls knock each other out with chloroform while they tease you! There are lots of POV shots where the girls talk to the camera. Ashley tells her friend Summer that she found some sleepy fetish dvds in the room of their male roommate. They find that they’re both intrigued by the fetish. When the roommate shows up the girls decide to tease him. Summer soaks a cloth in chloroform, presses it to Ashley’s face for a few seconds and pulls it away. Ashley’s eyes roll and she gets sleepy. But she says she loves it. Summer applies the cloth a few more times, making Ashley moan with pleasure as she gets more tired. Then Summer applies the cloth and holds it there. Ashley’s eyes roll and flutter and she passes out. Summer asks you if you want her to play with Ashley. She fondles her and manipulates her limp body. She partially strips Ashley for some more intimate fondling, talking to you while she does it. When Ashley awakens, she talks about how much she enjoyed it and how sexy it was. Summer wants to go next so Ashley soaks the cloth. Summer asks Ashley to sneak up on her from behind. Ashley stands behind her friend and chloroforms her. Ashley talks to you while she plays with Summer’s limp body, groping her breasts and partially undressing her. When Summer wakes up, she’s happy to find out that Ashley groped her while she was out. The girls ask you if you want them to knock each other out. They strip naked in front of you, soak the cloths and push them into each other’s face. Their eyes roll and they pass out next to each other. This is a really fun, sexy, exciting clip! Scene #KOB0668

29 minutes. 1280×720.

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