Wake Up! – Charlotte Stokely



Wake Up! starring Charlotte Stokely
Charlotte is limp and lovely in this light sleepy scene. She comes home and realizes that a burglar has been there. Suddenly, a club strikes her on the head and she falls to the bed, unconscious. When her boyfriend Tim comes home, he is horrified to find her on the bed and tries to wake her up. He drags her to the bathroom and splashes water in her face. Then he carries her in his arms to the kitchen where he tries to give her a drink and presses a wet cloth to her face. When she still doesn’t awaken, he carries her tot he couch and calls 911. They’re backed up and can’t get there for an hour. They tell him to keep her stimulated. Unsure what to do, Tim places Charlotte on the coffee table, cradles her neck and strokes her hair. Charlotte awakens and, in a daze, she stands up. But then she falls unconscious into Tim’s arms. He holds her up and dances with her. Then, he gently caresses her breasts. But she still doesn’t wake up! Sitting down, he does some eye checks and plays with her face. He takes off her skirt and top and plays with her hot body. She awakens again, only to fall back onto the couch unconscious again. He removes her shoes and plays with her feet and the tops of her stockings. After a bit more body and face manipulation, Tim carries Charlotte over his shoulder to the bed. When emergency services finally show up, they tell him she’ll be O.K. but that he needs to keep her asleep for a while. They give him a drug to use. When Charlotte awakens, Tim soaks a cloth in the drug and presses it to her face. With eyes rolling, she passes out. He strips her naked, plays with her body a bit and leaves her to sleep. She awakens, looking very refreshed. But, overly cautious Tim thinks it too early and, to Charlotte’s dismay, clasps the cloth over her face again. It’s a great scene. He forces her down to the bed then straddles her and places the cloth on her face. About 2.5 minutes of great outtakes are included with the scene. Scene #KOB0567

48 minutes. The photo set has 148 photos. 1280×640

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