Waitress in Peril – Cory Lane and Nina Neon


Waitress in Peril starring Cory Lane and Nina Neon
Sexy waitresses Tammi (Cory Lane) and Nina hang out after work. They look incredible in orange shorts, white tops, tan pantyhose and sneakers. Nina actually hates Tammis guts. Over the phone, Ninas boyfriend tells her that he lost a lot of money gambling and Nina gets an idea. She holds Tammi at gunpoint and, while tying her up, tells her of her plan to pick up the bars cashbox instead of Tammi. Nina stuffs a wad of cloth into Tammis mouth and pulls another cloth between Tammis perfect teeth. She teases her captive about being a goody-two-shoes. Nina calls her boyfriend and tells him to bring some more rope. Then she takes off her socks and, with her sweaty nyloned feet right in Tammis face, takes a nap. Nina wakes up and leaves Tammi there to writhe around helplessly and ponder her fate while she goes to steal the money. Later, Ninas boyfriend shows up and they discuss what to do with Tammi. The boyfriend will not go along with Ninas plan to dispose of Tammi so she decides to tie her up so tightly that she will never be found. Then, Nina forces Tammi into a closet at and makes her strip down to her sheer pantyhose. Nina ties Tammi up securely and then removes her own pantyhose. Despite her intense pleading, Tammi is left in the closet, gagged with Nina’s worn hose. Scene #BG0252
23 minutes. MP4 640×480

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