Waiting for the Waitresses – Eva Long and Megan Loxx


Waiting for the Waitresses starring Eva Long and Megan Loxx.
Megan and Eva are waitresses at a men’s restaurant. They hang out after work in their orange shorts, white shirts and socks, unaware that a madman has sneaked into the house. He watches them and soaks a cloth. When Megan heads for bed, the guy pounces on her, clasping the cloth over her mouth. After struggling hard, Megan gets tired and goes limp. She’s dragged to the bed. When Eva comes in, she meets the same fate. The intruder gropes the girls tits and bodies. Each girl wakes up, only to be made limp again. . The guy strips the girls down to their pantyhose. Eva awakens and tries to crawl away. In an incredible scene, the villain sneaks up and subdues her, then sits on the floor with her and fondles her. Megan awakens and is also grabbed and subdued. Scene #KOB0638

The scene is 21 minutes, the outtakes are 6 minutes. The MP4s are 1920×1080.

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