Waiting for the Ransom – Isobel Wren


Waiting for the Ransom starring Isobel Wren
Beautiful, innocent Isobel has been abducted. First, he is bound on the floor with a cloth gag pulled between her teeth. She struggles in her sexy black party dress with pantyhose and heels and manages to slip her shoes off but she cannot escape. Her kidnappers, Loren Chance and Dave show up and inform the terrified socialite that she is being held for ransom. Untied but still gagged, Isobel is forced to strip to her panties and is securely bound to a chair. Photos are taken to send to her family. Isobel is left alone with creepy Dave who gags her with packing and a cloth over her mouth then cruelly cuts her panties off. Then he threatens and intimidates her as she whimpers in fear. Isobel is blindfolded and left alone for the night. Isobel’s finds herself in a horrible position. She is kneeling on the hard floor, bound with straps and with her arms pulled up behind her. A large ballgag silences her protests and causes some humiliating drooling. After enduring more creepy intimidation from Dave, she is left alone again. Isobel sits naked and humiliated before her captors. She is told that, although they have collected the ransom, she will not be released. Her mouth is packed with cloth and wrapped with shiny tape. A lot more of the tape is used to secure Isobel’s entire body. A rope from the ceiling to her arms holds her in a standing position. Loren and Dave taunt the helpless girl and then leave her to an uncertain fate. Isobel whimpers and, in spite of her precarious position, struggles quite a bit. But it is useless. The fun outtakes feature shots of Isobel, naked, being bound and talking about bondage and modeling. Scene #BG0469

37 minutes. The outtakes are 5 minutes. The photo set has 122 photos. MP4 640×480

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