Vicious Intruder – Amber Michaels


Vicious Intruder starring Amber Michaels
The very popular model is back and gives a fine performance in this harsh scene. A man comes to Amber’s door and asks to use her phone. When she foolishly lets him in, he soaks a cloth with chloroform and clasps it over her face. She puts up quite a struggle but the drug takes effect and she passes out. The brutal criminal gropes Amber’s tits and body and partially strips her. He carries her over his shoulder to the bedroom where he ties her up securely. When Amber wakes up, he handgags her then sticks a ballgag in her mouth. He cruelly cuts the rest of her clothes off and ties her more tightly so that she must helplessly endure his groping. After terrorizing Amber for a while, the guy leaves to pull his car up, leaving his terrified victim to struggle. He returns and carries Amber away over his shoulder. Scene #KOTI0208
20 minutes. 1280×640.

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