Used As Bait – Charlotte Stokely


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Used As Bait starring Charlotte Stokely
Innocent Charlotte is studying to be a detective so that she can investigate the disappearance of her friend. A detective is trying to help her and informs her that she might get tied up in the course of her investigation. He ties her up so that she will know how it feels. He also gags her with a cloth tied over her mouth. Charlotte struggles but can’t free herself. They decide that Charlotte will act as bait and try to get kidnapped so she can find her friend. She changes into a sexy skirt, top and heels. She’s given a transmitter so the detective will know where she is. Charlotte goes to the kidnappers home and tells him her car broke down. The guy grabs her, binds her up with straps and gags her with a bandana. Left alone, Charlotte struggles but it is futile. The guy returns, throws the transmitter away and carries Charlotte off over his shoulder. She is placed in a small room. She is untied but quickly retied with rope. Despite her pleading, he ties a cloth over her mouth to silence her. After some struggling, Charlotte is told she will be sold into slavery and is carried off over the guy’s shoulder. Scene #BG0745

MP4 1280×680. 48 minutes (1GB).

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