Undercover and Unconscious – Danielle Trixie and Mary Jane



Undercover and Unconscious starring Danielle Trixie and Mary Jane Green
Undercover detective Danielle, looking hot in denim skirt and boots, goes to investigate a strip club owned by Mary Jane. Danielle applies for a job but Mary Jane gets a tip that she’s a detective. So she soaks a cloth in chloroform and sneaks up on Danielle (who is sitting in an office chair), clasps the cloth over her face and knocks her out. Mary Jane pulls down Danielle’s top and gropes her tits before stripping her naked. Danielle awakens nude with her hands and feet tied. She pleads to be released but Mary Jane soaks the cloth and taunts Danielle with it, applying it to her face and then removing it. Finally, she puts a stocking over Danielle’s head and puts the cloth inside it over Danielle’s nose and mouth. Danielle fights a bit but the drug takes effect. As Danielle slowly passes out, she hears Mary Jane on the phone making arrangements to sell her into slavery. Once unconscious, Danielle is wheeled out in the office chair. A couple of minutes of outtakes are included.
19 minutes. The photo set has 105 photos. MP4 1280×640

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