Under Her Evil Control – Miko Sinz and Mary Jane


Under Her Evil Control starring Miko Sinz & Mary Jane Green
Miko looks gorgeous as a superheroine in red, white and blue. First, she sneaks into a house looking for criminal mastermind Mary Jane. Miko suddenly finds herself locked in a small room and Mary Jane, in leather pants, boots and sexy top, appears behind her and clasps a cloth over her face. Miko fights the chloroform but soon grows weak and passes out. Mary Jane drags her to another room where she partially strips her, fondles her and licks her luscious tits. Then, Miko awakens bound to a chair and gagged. Mary Jane returns, removes the gag and interrogates Miko. When Miko refuses to talk, Mary Jane applies the cloth to her face just long enough to disorient her but not to knock her out. She applies the cloth repeatedly. Each time, Miko’s eyes roll and she becomes more and more tired. Finally, irritated by Miko’s lack of cooperation, Mary Jane knocks her out completely. Later, Miko wakes up, frees herself from her bonds and tries to stagger away. But, Mary Jane catches her and, forcing her against a wall, she chloroforms her from the front. Miko slides down to the floor, unconscious. The outtakes include deleted shots of the chlora scenes as well as an alternate edit of the first chloroform scene. 15 minutes. Scene #SHKO0022
 MP4 640×480

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