Unconscious Conquest – Alicia Alighatti and Promise

Unconscious Conquest starring Alicia Alighatti and Promise
An incredible scene combining unconsciousness and haredcore girl/girl action! Promise decides to meet Al, a guy she has found online, at a bar. She arrives at the place and the sexy female bartender gives her a drink on the house. Unaware that the bartender has drugged her drink, she sips it and awaits her date. Promise passes out pretty fast and it is revealed that Al is really Alicia, the hot and horny bartender. She pulls up Promises shirt and licks her delicious tits. Then she places her unconscious conquest face down on the bar, exposing her curvy and gorgeous ass. She squirts lime juice over her smooth flesh and sensuously licks it off. Promise wakes up and protests, but a hit to the head keeps her right where Alicia wants her. She turns Promise over, removes her clothes and plays with her pussy, rubbing cherries over her clit and eating them. Alicia licks the sugary juice off Promise’s clit and finger fucks her. This time when Promise wakes up, she is way too hot to protest. She really gets into the action, moaning with pleasure and squeezing her tits until she cums. But then, pissed off at Alicia for taking advantage of her, she hits her over the head with a bottle. Alicia collapses into a chair, unconscious and Promise gets her revenge. Promise lifts Alicia onto the bar and roughly manipulates her limp body, pulling her clothes off and slapping her tits. Using a very long dildo, she fucks Alicia until she wakes up and cums. The satisfied girls decide they like their sex play so much that they will meet tomorrow night for more! The outtakes include some unused footage from the scene. Scene #KOB0149

32.5 minutes. The outtakes are 4 minutes. The photo set contains 160 photos. MP4 640×480

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