Tying Up Odette – Odette Delacroix


Tying Up Odette starring Odette Delacroix
Beautiful, innocent Odette finds herself bound and gagged in 3 fun scenarios. First, she comes home from a club, looking hot in short dress and stockings. She tells her friend on the phone about a creepy guy who stalked her at the club, not knowing that the guy is spying on her. He grabs her and she pleads with him. He pulls a scarf from her purse and gags her with it. He then pulls off her stockings and binds her with them. He then takes her purse and leaves her there. After some struggling, she frees herself. Later, Odette has a job as a babysitter. The unseen kid wants to play tie up games so we see Odette gradually tied with strips of cloth and gagged with a bandana. She struggles angrily before finally escaping. Next, Odette is grabbed in her home by an intruder. He ties her up tightly with rope and gags her with a cloth over her mouth. She struggles for a while but can’t get loose. The guy tells her she will be sold into slavery and carries her off over his shoulder! 34 minutes. Scene #BG0749

MP4 1280×680

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