Two Doses of Chrissy – Chrissy Marie and Jolene Hexx



Two Doses of Chrissy starring Chrissy Marie and Jolene Hexx
Chrissy collapses constantly in 2 exciting stories! First, evil Jolene waits outside the bathroom door with a club in her hand. When Chrissy comes out, Jolene smacks her. Dazed, Chrissy staggers away and into another room, her eyes rolling. Jolene hits her two more times and Chrissy falls face down on the bed. Jolene wastes no time, opening Chrissy’s blouse and playing with her luscious boobs. Chrissy is fully stripped and groped. Jolene even turns her over to fondle her gorgeous ass. When Chrissy awakens (somewhat), she tries to get up but another blow to the head knocks her out cold. Jolene picks Chrissy up and carries her away.

In the second story, Jolene soaks a towel with chloroform. When Chrissy holds it to her face, her eyes roll and she becomes dazed. She staggers to a chair where her eyes roll some more. Jolene adds more chloro to the cloth and holds it over Chrissy’s face. Chrissy passes out and Jolene poses her with her tits and pussy exposed. Scene #KOB0657

13.5 minutes. MP4 is 1920×1080

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