Turning the Tables on the Superheroine – Diana Grace



Turning the Tables on the Superheroine starring Diana Grace
Diana looks incredible in this hot POV chloroform and bondage scene!
You’re a villain and Diana has captured you and tied you to a chair. She taunts you and teases you, reminding you that you’re bound and gagged her so many times before. She soaks some pantyhose with chloroform and threatens to knock you out if you don’t give her some secret information she wants. While teasing you, she asks if you’d rather touch her sexy nylon legs…or be knocked out and tortured. But, when Diana tries to knock you out, you grab her instead and press the cloth to her face! She pulls away and you grab her again and chloroform her into unconsciousness. Later, Diana is bound to a chair with her legs up on another chair. She is still unconscious so you start fondling her sexy limp body all over. When she awakens, you torment her by soaking some pantyhose with chloroform. Then you knock her out. After some more fondling, Diana wakes up again and you chloroform her, this time with a white cloth. A bit more fondling follows. But, Diana wakes up one more time and has to be knocked out again. You stuff the nylons in her mouth and leave her there. She awakens on the sofa, securely bound with rope. Despite her pleading, you gag her and leave her to struggle. She strains against the ropes but can not get loose. She slides her shoes off, giving you some great views of her stocking feet. Finally, you remove her gag. Diana pleads not to be knocked out again. But you soak the cloth and chloroform her. The fun outtakes, which are sold separately, include some second camera footage of Diana struggling in bondage and some shots of her posing for photos. The scene is 40 minutes. Outtakes are 13 minutes. Scene #SHKT0054

MP4 – HD 1920×1080
Scene: 1.5GB
Outtakes: 483MB

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