Truth or Dare – Jolene Hexx and Star Nine



Truth or Dare starring Jolene Hexx and Star Nine.

Star and Jolene are amazing in this ultra-hot clip! The girls are co-workers who are getting to know each other at a sleepover at Jolene’s. They start talking about truth or dare and, as you might expect, it leads to sleepy games. Jolene tells Star all about a substance she likes to use. She convinces her friend to try it. Jolene soaks a cloth and sneaks up behind Star who, of course, is waiting with great anticipation. Jolene clasps the cloth over her face. The girls actually talk a bit while Star is breathing the fumes. While Star’s eyes roll back, Jolene squeezes her breast and the girls fall onto the bed where Star goes limp. Jolene can’t resist her friend’s luscious body and starts groping her. She sits her up in front of her and plays with her limp arms. When Star begins to awaken, Jolene uses the cloth on her again. Jolene wakes up some time later and tells Jolene how much she enjoyed it. But now she wants to use the cloth on Jolene, who is happy to oblige. Star soaks the cloth while Jolene faces the other way and prepares for the thrilling experience. Star sneaks up and clasps the cloth over her face then removes it. She does this several times, making Jolene’s eyes roll as she gets steadily more tired. Star makes sure to grope Jolene’s gorgeous tits while she enjoys the fumes. Finally, Jolene goes limp in Star’s arms. Star holds her up for a bit before both girls fall onto the bed. In an extremely erotic scene, Star strips and fondles Jolene. When Jolene awakens, the girls decide to enjoy the cloth together. The place the rag between their faces and kiss. Their eyes roll and they gradually go limp. Scene #KOB0625

The scene is 31 minutes. 1920×1080.

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