Transfer of Power – Isobel Wren and Stacy Burke


Transfer of Power starring Isobel Wren and Stacy Burke
Superheroine Isobel has lost her powers and goes to Dr. Stacy for help. Stacy tells her that it will take 2 days to create a formula to bring her powers back. She urges Isobel to stay in hiding until she gets her powers back but Isobel refuses and tries to leave. The doctor is forced to chloroform Isobel to keep her safe. She puts Isobel on a table and examines her. Later, Isobel awakens, securely bound. She is infuriated but Stacy tells her it is for her own good and gags her. Isobel struggles hard but can not free herself. Stacy returns with interesting news. She has taken the formula herself and now she has super powers. She chloroforms Isobel. When Isobel awakens, she is bound standing with hands over head, gagged with a silver ballgag. Her top has been pulled down and she endures humiliating groping by the evil Stacy. Stacy soaks a cloth in chloroform and tortures Isobel with it, placing it against her face several times and pulling it away. Finally, she holds it over her mouth, knocking her out cold. 27 minutes. Scene #SHKT0040
MP4 640×480

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