Training a Kidnapper – Ariel Anderssen


Training a Kidnapper starring Ariel Anderssen
Ariel is the perfect submissive victim in this exciting ransom story.  First , socialite Ariel lounges in her cute underwear after a big party. As she begins to doze, Jack and Dave grab her. At their hideout, Ariel is brought in blindfolded with hands bound. Experienced criminal Jack gives amateur Dave a lesson in how to deal with a captive. Using their hands and plenty of intimidation, they keep Ariel under control as they bind her tightly with rope. Ariel pleads for release but the cruel kidnappers are unmoved. A wad of cloth is stuffed into Ariels mouth and is held in place with a cloth pulled between her teeth. She can only whimper as Jack and Dave fondle, grope and manhandle her to their hearts content. They pull her bra down and fondle her tits then grab her tasty ass before blindfolding her and leaving her there for the night.  Ariel is untied and her captors pull her bra and panties off. Naked and humiliated, Ariel has to sit there while Jack and Dave discuss her fate. Jack is all for eliminating her but Dave has a soft heart and pushes for another option. He has some bondage equipment so they decide to use it. Ariel is gagged with cloth packing and a rubber strap over her mouth. Her arms and lower legs are wrapped in pink tape. Confident that there captive will never get free, the kidnappers taunt her, then leave her. Scene #BG0453
24 minutes. MP4 640×480

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