Torment at the Office – Nina Neon


Torment at the Office starring Nina Neon
Nina is excellent as a victimized office worker in this unusual and fun scene. In clip 1, Nina is caught stealing at work and has to fulfill the perverse fantasies of boss Jack Banner. The nasty boss starts by demanding that Nina hand over her boots and stockings. He forces her to smell her own hose…but the worst is yet to come. Nina is forced to strip naked and is put over Jacks knee and spanked. After enduring this torture, Nina is ordered to sit at the reception desk totally nude!! The guys in the office make wise cracks while Nina suffers through this unbearable embarrassment. In clip 2, Nina gets dressed in her sexy business skirt with black hose and boots. Banner comes to Nina’s house to torment her. He makes her strip naked before spanking her hard. Jack then forces Nina to go to work naked and with a red ass. Nina is incredible in this story. She is totally convincing as she pleads not to be humiliated any further and she whimpers and cries as her ass gets more and more red from the beatings. Scene #SPNK0013
MP4 720×540
Clip 1 is 17 minutes, clip 2 is 15 minutes. The photo set has 166 photos.

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