Time To Go Out – Star Nine and Mary Jane Green


PREVIEW for a video preview of the clip.

Time To Go Out starring Star Nine and Mary Jane Green
Star is reading an article about mind control when her friend Mary Jane stops by. Mary Jane suggests that she can put Star in a trance and Star is down for it. MJ swings a watch in front of Star’s eyes and, with a soothing voice, put her in a trance. MJ tells Star to go to sleep and Star falls over onto her lap. MJ wastes no time playing with her limp friend. She manipulates Star’s limbs and body. She plays with Star’s face, doing eye checks and squeezing her mouth. Eventually, she strips Star to her bra and pantyhose. She awakens Star, who feels relaxed and happy. When Star gets up to go get some wine, MJ says the trigger phrase and Star falls back into her arms. MJ toys with her friend some more, fondling and kissing her. When Star wakes up again, she tells MJ how much she enjoyed it and the girls start kissing. A very fun, sexy clip! Scene #KOB0679

30 minutes. 1920×1080.

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