Tied Up With Her Lesbian Roommate – Diana Grace, Jenna Noelle


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Tied Up With Her Lesbian Roommate starring Diana Grace and Jenna Noelle
Two hot girls get tied up by a burglar and end up loving it in this fun, erotic clip! Best friends Jenna and Diana hang out and Jenna confesses that there’s a girl she’s hot for. Before she can reveal that the girl she likes is Diana, the girls are interrupted by a burglar. The girls are bound and gagged with cloth strips, lying face to face on the bed. They struggle and try to free each other but can’t get loose.  Soon, they start to enjoy touching each other. They sit up and pull each other’s tops up so they can rub their breasts together. When Jenna gets her hands loose, she sensuously fondles her still tied up friend. Jenna reties her own hands and the girls lie down and get cozy. About 12 minutes of outtakes are included. Mostly it is footage from a second camera so you’ll get great alternate angles of the action. 26 minutes.  Scene #BG0886

HD MP4 1920 x 1080 1GB

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