Tie Me Up and Gag Me – Chrissy Marie



Tie Me Up and Gag Me starring Chrissy Marie
Beautiful girl-next-door Chrissy makes a great victim in this tense crime story. Chrissy works at a jewelry store and a couple of ruthless thugs want her security code. Tim hold Chrissy while she is questioned and intimidated. Once they have the info they want, they decide to dispose of her. Chrissy pleads for them to tie her up and gag her instead. They agree. Chrissy is bound with lots of shiny tape. Her mouth is packed and wrapped in tape and she is left there struggling helplessly. She rolls around on the floor and slides off her shoes but can”t get loose. Later, Chrissy, now untied, is dragged into another room where Tim yanks the clothes off her gorgeous body. Chrissy begs to be allowed to leave her pantyhose on and the guys agree. She then begs not to be gagged but the creeps pack her mouth and seal her lips with a large piece of white tape. Chrissy ends up bound on a bed with her legs spread. The guys taunt her and leave her there struggling and whimpering helplessly. A few minutes of hot outtakes are included. They include lots of footage of Chrissy being bound and gagged. 24 minutes. Scene #BG0753

MP4 1280×720

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