Three Friends Bound – Celeste Star, Chrissy Marie and Janira Wolfe



Three Bound Friends starring Chrissy Marie, Celeste Star and Janira Wolfe
Three beautiful roommates are held captive by a cruel intruder in this hot scene. A thief breaks in when the girls are out. As each girl comes home, she is grabbed, hand-gagged and dragged off to the living room. The girls are tightly bound. Despite their pleading, the villain gags them with packing and duct tape. He explains that he is breaking through a wall in their basement to get to the house next door where he plans to steal some rare coins. Left alone, the girls struggle against their tight bonds and whimper through their gags. They slide from their chairs to the floor for more struggling. Removing the shoes from their stocking feet, they try to use their toes to untie the knots. Finally, Chrissy frees her ankles and uses her feet to untie Janira. Once free, the girls attempt to sneak out. But, when they see the burglar”s gun sitting unattended, they decide on some revenge. This is a simple scene but an exciting one. The girls give fine performances and there are plenty of gagged face close ups and stocking foot shots. The outtakes include lots of footage of the girls being bound (including Celeste tying herself) and of the girls joking around. Scene #BG0757

18 minutes. The outtakes are 12 minutes. MP4 1280×720

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