Three Cowgirls in Jeopardy – Eva Long, Jolene Hexx and Sablique Von Lux



Three Cowgirls in Jeopardy starring Eva Long, Jolene Hexx and Sablique Von Lux
The girls all give fine campy performances in this hilarious western bondage scene! In Clip 1, Eva and Jolene confront evil Sablique about her thievery involving their daddy’s ranch. Sablique just taunts the girls. But, when they won’t back down, she pulls out her gun and threatens them. The terrified girls are tied back to back in chairs. Despite their pleading, Sablique gags them and sets a bomb to go off in 20 minutes. Left alone, the girls struggle and whimper through their gags. With great difficulty, they manage to partially untie themselves and defuse the bomb. Back at her office, Sablique brags on the phone about how she disposed of the girls. But she’s shocked when they show up, lasso her and tie her up. They gag the belligerent villain and call the Sheriff. Left alone, Sablique struggles like crazy but can’t get free. The Sheriff shows up and chastises Sablique for letting the girls tie her up. In Clip 2, Sablique takes Eva and Jolene hostage again. She ties them up and gags them. The Sheriff decides he’s tired of Sablique and ties her up next to the other captives! He sets a bomb and leaves. The 3 cowgirls struggle wildly. Eventually Jolene and Eva manage to free themselves and run off, leaving Sablique to an uncertain fate! A great scene! A minute of fun outtakes is included with the Full Scene or with Clip 2. Scene #BG0841

HD MP4 1920×1080
The Full Scene is 35 minutes, 1.58GB
Clip 1 is 25 minutes, 1GB
Clip 2 is 11 minutes, 580MB

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