Three College Roommates Bound and Gagged by a Bad Guy


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Three College Roommates Bound and Gagged by a Bad Guy starring Diana Grace, Brooke Johnson, Ava Sinclaire and Tim Woodman
An incredible damsel bondage scene! Shot with a very high quality camera, the clip looks great and has a cinematic quality.
When Diana and Brooke come home from a night of partying, they have no idea that dangerous criminal Tim is hiding in the house and spying on them. When Brooke goes to her room, Tim grabs her and handgags her. Despite her pleading, Tim tapes Brooke’s hands then pack her mouth and tapes it shut. When Diana approaches, Tim hides. Diana is horrified to see her roommate tied up but, before she can do anything, she’s grabbed and handgagged. While Brooke watches helplessly, Diana is taped up and gagged. Later, roommate Ava comes home. When she turns on the light, she sees her friends struggling in bondage. The horrified girl is grabbed and handgagged by Tim. She ends up taped up next to her friends and is quickly gagged by Tim. The villain explains that he is breaking through the wall of the girl’s basement so he can get into the house of the wealthy people who live next door. Left alone, the girls struggle hard and whimper into their gags. They slide off their shoes and move from the sofa onto the floor but can’t free themselves. Later, the girls are untied and Tim orders them to strip naked! The girls protests but Tim insists. Tim orders the humiliated girls to beg him to tie them up.  They comply and end up bound and gagged with cloth strips.  They struggle hard but it is hopeless.  The excellent outtakes contain unused footage of the girls being tied, struggling in bondage and joking around. It also has footage from a second camera, giving you alternate angles of the bondage.  The scene is 29 minutes, the outtakes are 37 minutes. Scene #BG0879

HD MP4 1920×1080
Scene – 1.3GB
Outtakes – 1.5GB

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