Three College Girls Chloroformed by a Madman – Diana Grace, Brooke Johnson, Ava Sinclaire


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Three College Girls Chloroformed by a Madman starring Diana Grace, Brooke Johnson and Ava Sinclaire
Three of our hottest actresses are knocked out and groped by villain Tim Woodman in this incredible scene! The clip looks great and has a cinematic quality. Brooke and Diana come home from a night of dancing, unaware that Tim is in the house. When Brooke heads to the bedroom, Tim pounces on her and chloroforms her into unconsciousness. A moment later, Diana meets the same fate. Diana is dragged to a sofa and Brooke is then carried in and placed next to her. Tim wastes no time. He starts manipulating the girl’s bodies and groping them. He partially strips them for more sexy fondling. Later, Ava comes home to find a dark house. When she turns on the lights, she is horrified to see her unconscious friends. She barely has time to react before Tim grabs her and knocks her out with chloroform. Ava is placed next to her friends and Tim enjoys groping her luscious tits. Diana awakens and is quickly chloroformed again. When Brooke wakes up, she is also knocked out again. Later, Ava is also chloroformed a second time. Tim is tired of the girls waking up so he uses masks to hold the chloroform cloths to their faces. The excellent outtakes, which are sold separately, contain unused shots from the scene and some great second camera footage, showing you the action from other angles. The scene is 23 minutes. Outtakes are 17 minutes. Scene #KOB0781

HD MP4 1920×1080
Scene – 1GB SD
Outtakes – 732MB

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