This Is Why I Moved In – Jazmin Luv and Agatha Delicious



Starring Jazmin Luv and Agatha Delicious

A hot clip starring 2 of our current favorite models! Jazmin welcomes her new roommate Agatha. But as soon as Jazmin goes to sleep, Agatha sneaks in, soaks a cloth and chloroforms Jazmin.  Jazmin awakens and struggles hard but soon goes limp. Agatha enjoys playing with her helpless friend’s limp body, fondling her and manipulating her limbs. When Jazmin awakens, Agatha uses the knocks her out again. Then, she carries Jazmin away in her arms. There are a few minutes of excellent outtakes, including alternate edits of the first chloroforming. A really great clip! 13 minutes. Scene #KOB0754

HD MP4 1920×1080 527MB

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