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The Vampires Slave – Isabella Blue and Bianca

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The Vampire’s Slave starring Isabella Blue and Bianca Pureheart
Count Steve, the mesmerizing vampire, visits lovely Isabella in the wee hours of the night and puts her under his spell. When she wakes up, her sexy blond roommate Bianca is concerned with her confused state of mind. Suddenly, Isabella finds herself in a trance under Count Steves control. Isabella jumps up on the table and starts acting like a bat. Bianca, who turns out to be a vampire slayer, breaks Isabella from her trance. She falls back into the trance later and Bianca breaks her out once more. This time she gives Isabella a mystical ring to protect her. Count Steve regains control of Isabella while Biancas sleeping and commands her to grope and molest Biancas amazing unconscious body. She casts a spell on Bianca to make her Steves slave also. Bianca wakes up and realizes what is happening, but she is too weak to fight it and she becomes another slave. The two girls zombie-walk (Bianca is topless!) over to Count Steves lair and offer themselves to him. Count Steve gropes Biancas amazing tits. He hands a dagger to Isabella and commands her to kill her friend. But, Isabella hesitates. You will not want to miss the shocking twist that ends this incredible story! Scene #STR0062
MP4 640×480. 22 minutes. The photo set contains 132 photos.

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