The Tie Up Lesson – Charlie Laine and Sinn Sage


The Tie Up Lesson starring Charlie Laine and Sinn Sage
The girls look incredible in this unusual scene that was made as a custom video. Charlie comes to see her friend Sinn for advice on becoming a bondage model. Sinn has just gotten out of the shower so she is wearing nothing but a towel. She offers to tie Charlie up to show her what bondage is like. Charlie strips naked and Sinn gives her a towel to wear. Sinn ties Charlie to a chair and takes some photos. She wraps a towel around Charlies hair and takes more photos. When Sinn gets a phone call, she takes the towel off Charlie’s head and holds it over her mouth to keep her quiet. Sinn has some things to do so she asks Charlie if she can gag her and leave her. Charlie happily agrees so Sinn gags her with shiny tape and leaves her there. Charlie squirms around in her chair and when Sinn returns, she is happy to be untied. In the bedroom, Sinn ties Charlie to the bed and teases her. She opens Charlies towel for a minute giving you a view of Charlies luscious naked body. Sinn cover Charlie up again and leaves her there. Later, Sinn ties Charlie to the chair again. Charlie has no problem with the bondage, so Sinn gags her again with tape and leaves. 49 minutes. Scene #BG0576

MP4 640×480. The photo set contains 84 photos.

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