The Spy Who Tied Me 1 – Stacy Burke, Tori Sinclair, Cleo Nichole


Spy Who Tied Me 1 starring Stacy Burke, Tori Sinclair and Cleo Nichole
Three great actresses star in this exciting and unusual scene which combines bondage, torture and cat-fighting. Stacy plays a spy who is out to destroy villain Tori and Tori’s sidekick Cleo. Stacy, looking hot in black pants and sexy top, is hit on the head and falls unconscious. She is tied lying down naked to a wood frame. Tori and Cleo torment her verbally, squeeze her tits and torture her feet. Next, Stacy, in an outrageous latex catsuit, gets into 2 intense catfights, first with Tori, who gets knocked out, then with Cleo. The fight scenes are really wild and look quite realistic. There is plenty of kicking, punching, hair-grabbing etc. Stacy is choked into unconsciousness. She wakes up nude, bound standing to a wooden frame and is fondled, tormented and tortured by the two cruel villains. Electrodes are attached to her head and toes. Stacy remains defiant even as the villains continue to electrocute her. Then, Stacy is tied standing with hands over head. Tori pushes a button which sends a pain ray into Stacys brain. Stacy screams and convulses as the pain shoots through her. But Stacy escapes and drags both villains away bound and gagged. All three actresses give fine performances and there are some really fun special effects. Scene #BG0488
48 minutes, 640×480.

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