The Spy Who Groped Me 2 – Sinn Sage, Celeste Star



The Spy Who Groped Me 2 starring Sinn Sage and Celeste Star
In a story continued from Scene KOB0574, Sinn tells Celeste about her fantasies of being a spy… In the first story, the girls work in an office. When Celeste walks past her, Sinn pokes her with a ring, injecting her with a knock out drug. Celeste staggers backwards and falls to the floor. Sinn uses chloroform to completely knock her out. She sensuously strips Celeste and fondles her perfect body. When Celeste awakens, Sinn tortures Celeste by twisting her nipples. Then she knocks her out with chloroform and leaves her on the floor. In the second scenario, Celeste is working at a desk when Sinn sneaks up and gets her in a sleeper hold. Celeste struggles hard but finally passes out. Celeste is stripped and fondled and when she awakens, Sinn holds a bottle under her nose and the fumes knock her out. Celeste wakes up again and stands up. This time, Sinn kisses her mouth before slapping the chloroform cloth across it. Celeste passes out and is left limp on the floor. In the third story, Celeste sits at her desk. Sinn shoots her in the neck with a knock out dart. Sinn strips Celeste and sensuously plays with her body. Sinn needs a password from Celeste but Celeste takes a sleeping pill and falls asleep. Unable to question her, Sinn wheels her out of the office in her chair. This video is very sexy and fun. The girls are in skirts/dresses and stockings throughout and they give excellent performances. Scene #KOB0575
29 minutes. The photo set has 139 photos. 1280×680

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