The Spy Who Groped Me 1 – Sinn Sage, Celeste Star



The Spy Who Groped Me 1 starring Sinn Sage and Celeste Star
Celeste and Sinn are secretaries working in an office. They’re bored and confess that they sometimes fantasize about being spies. Celeste starts to tell Sinn her fantasies and we see them… First, Sinn is guarding a doorway when Celeste sneaks up behind her, soaks a cloth in chloroform and clasps it over Sinn’s mouth. Sinn struggles hard but soon her eyes roll and she is weakened. Celeste removes the cloth, leaving Sinn disoriented. She attacks her again, this time, Sinn collapses and falls to the floor, her eyes rolling. After some more chloro, Sinn passes out. Celeste strips Sinn and gropes her hot body. She finds the flash drive she was looking for in Sinn’s clothes. Sinn awakens and is chloroformed again. When she awakens yet again, Celeste gives her an injection, knocking her out cold. In the second story, Sinn is working at a desk when Celeste sneaks in and shoots her with a knock out dart. Sinn gets very tired and passes out quickly. Celeste strips Sinn and enjoys playing with her sexy body and tits. When Sinn wakes up and refuses to give Celeste the information she wants, Celeste chloroforms her and takes her with her, pushing her out of the office in her chair. In the third story, Sin is guarding a doorway again when Celeste sneaks up and handgags her. She then chokes her, knocking her to the floor. She holds a bottle under Sinn’s nose and, with much eye-rolling, Sinn passes out. Sinn is stripped and groped. When she awakens, Celeste takes control and orders Sinn to knock herself out with chloroform. Sinn does as she is told. When she is too weak to hold the cloth over her face, Celeste picks it up and knocks her out cold. This is an extremely hot video. The girls are in skirts/dresses and stockings throughout and they give excellent performances. The story continues in KOB0575 – The Spy Who Groped Me 2. Scene #KOB0574
36 minutes. The photo set has 145 photos. 1280×680

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