The Snore Gun – Stacy Burke



The Snore Gun starring Stacy Burke
Stacy and Tim give fine performances in this fun, sexy fantasy scene. Spy Stacy has volunteered to have anew weapon tested on her…the Snore Gun. Tim explains the weapon…it puts people to sleep immediately. He tells Stacy that it it extremely important that their enemy organization SLUT not get a hold of it. Stacy stands bravely while Tim fires the gun at her. She falls unconscious on the bed. Tim needs to examine Stacy so he strips her naked. He lifts and drops her arms to test limpness then examines Stacy’s face, doing eye checks. He lifts her up and drops her down a few times also. The exam must be thorough so he plays with her breasts and turns her limp body over to touch her ass. When Stacy awakens, she is not too happy to hear that she must do the test again. Tim fires the weapon again and Stacy falls unconscious. 19 minutes. MP4 1280×640

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