The Sleepy Adventures of Black Diamond – Ashley Lane



The Sleepy Adventures of Black Diamond
Ashley looks incredible in a skin-tight catsuit as crime-fighter Black Diamond! She’s knocked out repeatedly by a villain who loves her limp body! Ashley comes to Donovan’s hideout. When she’s confronted by the villain, she punches him out. But he tricks her and grabs her. He smacks her, knocking her down and then chloroforms her. She struggles but soon goes limp. Donovan stands her up and drags her limp body around. He does an eye check, plays with her limbs and carries her. When Ashley wakes up, Donovan grabs her in a bearhug then knocks her out with chloroform. He poses her body in some unusual positions. When she awakens, he grabs her in a chokehold until she goes limp. After some more fondling and dragging, Donovan strips Ashley out of her catsuit and boots, ties her up, gags her and carries her away. Some time later, Ashley returns and Donovan is waiting. Ashley is zapped with a laser and collapses on the sofa. Donovan is supposed to question Ashley but can’t wake her up. He calls his henchman and the 2 of them try to revive their captive. The play with her body and limbs, stand her up, pose her and carry her. She still doesn’t awaken. When she finally wakes up, she tries to escape so Donovan has to chloroform her again! The guys place the limp Ashley on a table and strip her. They’ll just have to wait to question her. The fun outtakes include lots of extra footage from the knock outs. Scene #KOB0721

The full scene is 30 minutes – HD MP4 1920×1080 (1.1GB)
The outtakes are 7.5 minutes – HD MP4 1920×1080 (362MB)

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