The Shoe Salesman Part 2 – Raven Rae


The Shoe Salesman Part 2 starring Raven Rae
When salesman Tim walks unannounced into Raven’s house, she’s pretty upset. But she invites him in when she finds out he sells shoes. He removes the shoes from her stocking feet and puts a pair of sexy black pumps on her. As she walks around admiring them, Tim hits her on the head with a club. She crashes to the ground. In a hilarious sequence, Raven’s body flops around as Tim tries to get her onto the couch. When he finally does, he puts some shiny pink pumps on her, stands her up and manipulates her body to make her walk around. He then does the same with her in white pumps and in some very hot transparent shoes. He puts some red shoes on her and steps away. Raven awakens and tries to sneak out but he clobbers her again, knocking her unconscious to the floor. He places her on the couch and leaves. A minute of fun outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0597
19 minutes. 1280×720.

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