The Shoe Salesman – Charlotte Stokely


The Shoe Salesman starring Charlotte Stokely
Salesman Tim, knocks on the door of beautiful Charlotte. She tells him to go away. But when she finds out that he’s selling shoes, she quickly changes her mind. When she turns to lead him into the house, the sneaky salesman smacks her on the head with a club. Charlotte falls to her knees, her eyes rolling. A second blow knocks her unconscious. Tim picks Charlotte’s limp body up off the floor and carries her in his arms to the couch. He removes her shoes and rubs her feet. While talking to her as if she is a customer, Tim tries several pairs of shoes on Charlotte. Each time, he stands her up and manipulates her body to make her walk in the shoes. Charlotte’s body flops around as he tries to hold her upright. He puts black shoes on her, then white, then a pair of knee high boots, which require socks as well. He puts some incredibly hot red shoes on her and takes her dress off, leaving her in just bra and panties. He makes her limp body walk around in the shoes. When she wakes up, he smacks her on the head again and leaves her unconscious on the couch. A minute of outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0594
The scene is 25 minutes. 1280×720

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