The Shirt Off Her Back – Ariel Anderssen


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The Shirt Off Her Back starring Ariel Anderssen
Ariel gives her usual thrilling performance in this hot scene. Looking cute and sexy in shorts and top, Ariel comes to see Tim about a room for rent. After chatting for a moment, Tim leaves the room. Ariel goes to look for him and stands with her back to a door. The door opens and Tim grabs Ariel, chloroforming her into unconsciousness. She is dragged away and wakes up tightly bound with tape. She begs to be released but Tim just taunts her, telling her she will be his slave. He packs her mouth and wraps tape around it. He uses a scissors to cut off her top and bra so he can grope her tits. Pulling her shorts and panties down, he bends her over the arm of the chair and fondles her tasty ass. He then soaks the cloth in chloroform and tapes it over Ariel’s nose and mouth. She fights to stay awake but finally succumbs to the fumes. A couple of minutes of great outtakes are included. Scene #KOTI0216
20 minutes. 1280×640 The photo set has 75 photos.

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