The Rose Tattoo – Isobel Wren and Mary Jane Green


The Rose Tattoo starring Isobel Wren and Mary Jane Green
Pretty brunette Isobel is in the bathroom getting ready for work when vicious criminal Mary Jane sneaks up behind her. Isobel is grabbed and chloroformed. She tries to fight but the drug weakens her. Her pathetic eyes roll up in her head and she passes out in Mary Janes arms. MJ drags her to the couch. The girl she is looking for is supposed to have a tattoo of a rose somewhere on her body so MJ looks for the tattoo to confirm this is the right girl. Easier said than done she can not find the tattoo. So, she slowly strips Isobel naked and examines every inch of her, manipulating her beautiful body in the process. When Isobel awakens and sits up, MJ clasps the cloth over her face again and knocks her out. Unable to find the tattoo, she leaves Isobel on the couch, limp and vulnerable, her legs spread. Scene #KOB0293
17.5 minutes. The Photo Set contains 68 photos. MP4 640×480

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