The Monsters Prey – Charlie Laine


The Monster’s Prey starring Charlie Laine
In this strange and exciting scene, spunky superheroine Charlie, looking amazing in a hot uniform with skin tight pants, is hypnotized and then knocked out repeatedly. In clip 1, Charlie comes to see The General, a crime-fighter who she suspects is really a villain. When Charlie refuses to join his army, he puts a pin in her hair which causes her to go into a trance. Charlie is marched into a room where a creepy, deformed monster awaits. Awakened from her trance, Charlie fights with the monster but he knocks her out with a blow to the back of her neck. Later, Charlie wakes up and the monster uses a neck pinch to knock her out. The monster then knocks Charlie unconscious with a bearhug. Later, he stands her up facing him and sucks the air out of her lungs (a cool effect), knocking her unconscious. Once awake, Charlie is knocked out with a spray of sleeping gas in her face and then with a sleeping pill that is shot down her throat with a blowgun. In clip 2, the monster bites Charlie on the neck, putting her to sleep. He then uses chloroform to knock her out 2 more times. When she awakens, she is ordered to use the chloroform on herself. Fearing for her life, Charlie does as she is told and knocks herself out. She awakens in the Generals office where she is hypnotized again. The lecherous general orders his entranced captive to faint and then carries her off. The Special Edit clip is for hypnosis fans. It contains only the portions of the story where Charlie is hypnotized. Scene #SHKO0034

Full scene is 44 minutes. Clip 1 is 24 minutes. Clip 2 is 20 minutes. The Special Edit Clip is 8 minutes. The photo set contains 198 photos. MP4 640×480

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